More Speaking Contrarianism to Power

Regnery Press has a series that epitomizes the Politically Incorrect, Therefore True fallacy – the Politically Incorrect Guides that show beyond any reasonable doubt that many liberals really do believe that evolution happened, women and men are equal, scientists know what they’re talking about, etc.

90% True has a few friendly suggestions for further books in the series, keeping in line that the educated mainstream is always wrong. For example,

3 Responses to More Speaking Contrarianism to Power

  1. SLC says:

    Regnery publishing is an extreme rightwing publishing house that publishes the the screeds of any rightwing whackjob it can find. It should be recalled that this scumbag outfit published Mark Fuhrmans’ tissue of excuses on his conduct in the Simpson case and his excrable pile of unadulterated crap on the Terri Schiavo case.

  2. Cat lover says:

    I smiled a little at the bullet points, but when I saw the author, I literally laughed out loud! Thanks for the amusement 🙂

  3. That was an amazing browse through we utterly figure out wherever maybe you are caused by around the finally paragraph. Outstanding submit, I’ll most certainly check the a few other reports.

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