Joe Lieberman’s campaign ran an ad depicting sunrise, which was really reversed footage of a sunset. Incredibly, some people think it’s a real issue.

The amount of voting irregularity (read: fraud) in Mexico is simply astounding. The courts apparently adhere to the philosophy that every vote should be counted, except in areas that lean toward Obrador.

Keith Olbermann decided to bash Rumsfeld in prime time, comparing him and the rest of the administration to Neville Chamberlain.

The reason 17 people in New York have died of fenatyl OD in the last 16 months compared with 200 in Chicago is that New York is a major hub for illegal drugs, so the local supply tends to have higher quality.

Britain’s going on a new binge of censorship because a sex addict watched hardcore porn and then murdered a woman (hat-tip to Avedon). Update: it’s not clear if it was murder, or consensual play gone awry. Note to my parents: if I engage in risky play and accidentally die, do not go on a moral crusade. It won’t help anyone, and I’ll be dead so I won’t care.

2 Responses to Miscellany

  1. KH says:

    Drug facts: Fentanyl supply has always been spotty & localized, fentanyl ODs much more so. To get OD clusters you’ve got to have incompetent people cutting it, & cutting is almost always done (again) locally. It’s not in the dealers’ interest to undercut (underdilute) it, since it kills customers, uses up the supply faster (price & weight per bag are much more standardized than quality), & draws police attention, as in this case. Better to cut strong but not too strong. It’s far from an urban myth that a few ODs can be good advertising, a form of quality signalling, but I’ve never heard of a dealer intentionally killing anybody to signal quality. The vast majority of users who get slipped fentanyl get it in properly cut form & don’t OD. If it’s cut to be stronger than average, addicts like it, but cut for comparable physiological effect, the effect is inferior. Altogether, a nasty drug.

  2. Avedon says:

    It’s not clear that he murdered her. It’s undisputed that she was interested in strangulation fantasies and they got together to try it out. Sounds like they were insufficiently careful and he accidentally killed her.

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