After the science bloggers’ Hot or Not contest, Janet decided to start a nerd-off. I don’t know if I’m up to PZ’s standard or even up to Shelley’s, but I’m still pretty geeky…

1. I asked my dad what infinity was when I was 2.

2. I know from memory substantial portions of the Planescape manuals.

3. On one of my old computers I have a blueprint for a fantasy-themed trading card game that isn’t Magic: The Gathering.

4. I’ve invented a few languages, mostly for sci-fi stories but also one auxlang. Ta iuzeb’l an ei aecsh English spiig’n en ta forth milnum, bod en ire defaens, ir haev ein hedraidig cnertig pards ov ile lesh, so ir gor ei plozeb’l.

5. Update: Kian and I would also quote to each other lines from Firefly and quiz each other about who said them and in what context.


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