Left-Wing Myths about Biology

A little more than a year ago, I lambasted Lewontin’s book Biology as Ideology: the Doctrine of DNA (yes, it’s as kooky as it sounds), and there resulted a big fight in the comment thread PZ created for me. A few months too late, I discovered that Gone Savage posted her own evisceration of Lewontin.

[Link] He blames unregulated capitalism for both tuberculosis and pesticide-induced cancer, but provides no solution that would help either side. Basically, he critiques the whole way through but never provides a distinct solution to any of his critiques. I know he’s smarter than that, but he still won’t explicit state his agenda, which more and more feels like we should head backwards towards the disease-capitalism-and-pain-free hunter-gatherer era where of course, everything is handed out on a fucking plate.

The entire 2/2006 archive has many delightful posts criticizing and lampooning these politicized attacks on science. And, of course, the newer posts are well worth looking at, too.


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