Procrastination Links

Sorry for the linking binge, but I need something to help me procrastinate writing a sample Calc I syllabus I need to submit by tomorrow at 10 am. Ranting about why a top US university has one-semester college classes in differentiation while other educational systems make all students learn about it in the middle of secondary school takes too much time right now.

Back in April, Eteraz wrote a post talking about the hijab. Her assessment: it’s basically a clothing style, just like goth, which Muslim women adopt because other cultural symbols, such as mosque architecture, are too un-artistic. I’ve only found it now thanks to a kind reader who clicked over to my blog from that post.

Samhita reports about a study that correlates childlessness to health problems. For now nobody is pointing to that as evidence women must not shirk their duty as society’s incubators, fortunately.

Shelley takes the opportunity that is getting an ear infection to talk about the structure of the ear and how the middle ear can get infected.

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