Notes from New York

Living in this neighborhood/borough/city/country for a month and going to grad school for two weeks has already taught me some valuable things.

1. Sliced bread tastes like plastic and brings me memories of previous eons, in which I still ate at McDonald’s.

2. Everyone knows universities sometimes forget when they owe you scholarships, but the flip side of the coin is that they sometimes forget to charge you rent.

3. It’s apparently impossible to find cottage cheese with more than 4% fat around here.

4. Manhattan may be the central borough of New York, but the central borough of New York bloggers seems to be Brooklyn.

5. A pessimist would peek at my complex analysis class and say “He’s teaching undergrad-level material!”. An optimist would say “He’s teaching the bulk of the two one-semester complex analysis classes I took in undergrad, in 3 weeks.”

6. The window I write posts in can couple as a WYSIWYG web page editor for when my teaching of mathematics professor assigns homework that involves page creation (you can verify that there’s no post here with ID number 107…).

8 Responses to Notes from New York

  1. SLC says:

    Yeah, but you can get a great corned beef sandwich at any of the delis aroung the theater district.

  2. gordo says:

    I didn’t even know that making cottage cheese with more than 4% fat was possible. Why would anyone want such a thing? And I don’t think there’s anything about the slicing process that robs bread of its flavor, so that’s probably in your head.

    Also, maybe you can find a good, obscure Manhattan place to invite your Brooklyn friends to. I’ll bet they’re all secretly dying to hang out in Manhattan.

  3. Alon Levy says:

    When I lived in Israel, the most common fat percentages for cottage cheese were 5% and 9%; 5% was more common, but I was always more into 9%.

    There are two reasons why sliced bread might be worse than normal bread: first, it might be selected for a soft crust, and second, there’s a greater surface area for spoilage. I don’t know why it’s so, but the sliced bread I’ve eaten both here and in Singapore is substantially worse than non-sliced bread.

  4. Kian says:

    Corned beef is freaking sick. says that cottage cheese is made with 0 – 8%.

    are you sure they ‘forgot’ to charge you rent and its not being posted somewhere that you don’t know about? perhaps the information is on your land lines answering machine…. ha.

  5. SLC says:

    Apparently Kian is a vegetarian.

  6. Kian says:

    Selective vegetarian. I say I am – but eat meat when no one is looking. But never corned beef.

  7. Crow says:

    Current timestamp is 8f86b6d9fc99f76ea2015e6cacf9466e

  8. Crow says:

    Current timestamp is 60ce8cf5c9e4b4227eedcea8b4cab813

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