A commenter on Skatje’s blog linked to a Grauniad article about a woman who had the chance to be a call girl, rejected it, and wrote about her own experiences.

I expressed surprise at the lack of swish dinners in the itinerary. He laughed and said that was a myth. His girls usually did three or more men a night; there was no time for supper. Men don’t want all that shit, he said.The girls’ safety was important, he said. There was an “ABC” system in operation, whereby the girls phoned in with updates: A was to let the office know they were at the agreed meeting point (they would phone and say something like, “Hi Andrea, just checking we’re on for lunch tomorrow”). B was an alert if something wasn’t going to plan, for example the guy hadn’t agreed to hand over the cash first – a must. C was an alarm in case of a serious problem. “But there are never problems. My girls are professional,” he said. “You just made one mistake. You took all your clothes off before me. Always get the man’s clothes off first, then you’re more in control. Now, can you start tomorrow? I think you’d do well, a sexy blonde.”

It was his first compliment – sincere, but sly. I agreed to start next day and he said he would call. He shook my hand, and left.


He had said that his girls could make up to $500 a night, but that was five guys or more. It wasn’t a fortune. The whole scene seemed pretty labour-intensive. The word escort really was just a euphemism.

Go read the rest. Then, if you’re a member of the puritan brigade, practice saying “Prostitutes are oppressed” until you can say it with a straight face.

I know this woman would make more as a call girl than as a street hooker, but I don’t think it’s that much more. The difference is more in the social class of people who engage in each kind of prostitution than in the money. The lower-class women who sell sex to fund a drug habit won’t stop using drugs if selling sex is no longer an option.

3 Responses to Prostitution

  1. SLC says:

    How much of the $600/night did the pimp take as his cut? There is no doubt that high class excorts can make a very fancy living, provided one doesn’t mind getting beaten up every so often, or risking catching venereal diseases, or HIV? The so-called high class clientele can include all manner of sickos. Bankers and brokers can be just as degenerate as anybody else.

  2. Alon Levy says:

    Well, she doesn’t say. I presume that since the pimp put on a condom and emphasized that the woman must control the situation, condom use is standard at this level.

  3. anon says:

    Actually, from what I’ve read the price differences are *huge* from the low end to the high end.
    There still are “twenty dollar whores” apparently.

    I think it’s proportional to the wealth of the clientele.

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