Two Personal Notes

1. The University has just remembered it’s supposed to charge me hefty rent, which means I’m $3,600 down.

2. I managed to solve the two most difficult questions in this week’s commutative algebra homework set, 15-20 minutes before the homework was due. Now I need to hope my solutions are correct…


3 Responses to Two Personal Notes

  1. Kian says:

    Your rent is 3600 for a month?!?!? Noooo. 3600 for how long? My goodness. I’m paying 2800 for my entire school year. (Oh, 3600 for your entire school year? lol…I’m mental)

  2. Alon Levy says:

    No, it’s about 765 a month. 3600 (3675, to be precise) covers the tail of the summer semester and the entire fall semester.

  3. Kian says:

    Thats shitty. My room is about 3 xs the size of yours – I only share my bathroom with 1 person, I get free laundry and my kitchen is enormous and I pay $400 less. …*sigh* I’d take the difference for the location though.

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