Cory Maye May Live

The death penalty is barbaric. The death penalty administered to people who may have been innocent is even more barabic. The death penalty administered to people who committed absolutely no crime is a Stalinesque atrocity.

About five years ago, during a no-knock police raid of an apartment complex where one resident was suspected of drug possession, another resident, Cory Maye, shot a cop, thinking he was an intruder bursting into his home. When other officers yelled, “Police!”, he immediately disarmed.

For years, he was on death row, for no apparent reason other than the principle of law and order, which in its American form mandates that every black person be guilty even if proven innocent, and that there is no such thing as excessive police brutality or irresponsibility.

Fortunately, now there’s a temporary reprieve, in the form of a new sentencing trial. So instead of being murdered executed for being at the wrong place at the wrong time and of the wrong skin color, he may only be thrown to jail.

(Hat-tip to Lindsay)

2 Responses to Cory Maye May Live

  1. SLC says:

    The death penelty should be reserved for the worst offenders and should require proof beyond any doubt. There is no need to tolerate the presence of degenerates like Tim MacVeigh or serial killers like John Wayne Gacy.
    The problem is that some states like Virginia and Texas are entirely too free with its application. Nobody should shed a tear if Saddam Hussein were to be executed.

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