A Short Interruption

We’ll get back to our usual programming after these few announcements:

1. I hate category theory. I tend to go suicidal whenever someone even so much as mentions “category,” “categorical,” “universal property,” “the Yoneda lemma,” “functor,” “natural transformation,” or, except in the context of this blog, “abstract nonsense.”

2. Lately, the post on this blog that gets the most hits is Porn and Rape. Judging by the dearth of comments on that post, I’m starting to think that the people who find the post are looking for real rape porn. So, let me clue you in: there’s no such thing. All the so-called real rape porn these Russian sites talk about is fake. Also, you’re a demented pervert.

3. Kian liked the latest edition of my book’s first chapter, and so did I; five or six more bad chapters to edit, and it’ll be presentable. Hopefully, I’ll get it done this week.

One Response to A Short Interruption

  1. Kian says:

    Yeah too bad it takes you two weeks per chapter or you’d have a really decent book in just a few days.

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