Sunday Night Links

Gordo covers all the issues about Iraq the Bush administration dumped on Friday with the trash. A short list of some of the news items includes Kurdish ethnic cleansing, an upsurge in the number of internally displaced people, a flight of Iraq’s professional class, and new coverup exposés by Bob Woodward.

Lindsay talks about a new environmental hazard: raccoon shit. Raccoon populations are exploding in the suburbs, and their feces are contaminating water supplies. The EPA’s can’t-do response is “You need to go back and say, ‘Maybe the standards aren’t exactly right’ if wildlife are causing the problem.”

Belledame talks about a racist skeleton in Jane Hamsher’s closet, a photoshopped picture of a blackfaced Lieberman from this August. In the comments, Elayne Riggs suggests photoshopping a picture of the Clinton lunch attendees to blackface them. Although I don’t think there was any racism involved in the Clinton lunch, I still think it’s a hilarious idea (and I don’t mean in in the same sense that creationism is hilarious).

PZ proudly removed a lawn sign supporting his Representative, a conservative Democrat who voted for torture and is apparently considered the most right-wing Democrat in the North. Predictably, the Democratic hordes are screaming at him to keep supporting any Democrat, since the Republicans are supposedly worse.


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