Begging for Money

A few days after I moved here, someone managed to get me to donate to the Democratic Party, telling me that I didn’t really need to be a permanent resident to vote (which I do). As a result, I’m now inundated by junk mail from the Democratic Party begging me to give it some more money to waste on losing elections.

One of the most telling things about the mail I get is that changing a few names would make it no different from Republican talking points. Liberal principles are seldom mentioned; I’m not even sure the word “progressive” appears in any of the emails. And the language is so laughably partisan it makes Daily Kos seem like an oasis of rational discussion.

Here are a few of the messages from the people who have promised to match donations:

“We desperately need to change the direction of our government’s policies. Wealthy special interests are pouring millions of dollars into GOP coffers to protect the status quo. The only way to fight back is to encourage millions of Americans to make small donations. I hope this matching pledge helps in that effort.” –Jon

Yes, Americans do desperately need to change the direction of their government’s policies. The only problem is, the Democratic Party doesn’t stand for any such change. The only policy point Dean mentions in any of the emails concerns withdrawing from Iraq, an issue most Democrats only support halfheartedly, if only because most of them voted for the war in 2002.

I know that politicians are almost invariably opportunistic, and as such would rather support only popular policies. But most Americans support immediate withdrawal from Iraq, public health care, amnesty to illegal immigrations, and civil unions. “We need to be moderate to win” implies that when most people agree with the liberal position, the party should seize on it. But instead, the Democrats downplay the difference between the two parties and concentrate on dubious scandals.


One Response to Begging for Money

  1. Rick says:

    “Democrats downplay the difference between the two parties and concentrate on dubious scandals”

    …largely because no one gives a warm bucket of spit about anything substantive, be it related to policy, corruption, wanton violation of the Constitution … but if there’s sex involved in the issue, and particularly illicit sex, well … see Monty Python’s sketch about BBC TV programming and the sex life of molluscs.

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