Worldview Quiz

Via PZ: there’s a quiz that imitates the Political Compass but asks about science, religion, and ethics rather than politics and socioeconomics. The Worldview Quiz has questions like “How many gods exist?” and “What is your view of parapsychology phenomena?”, and has as its two dimensions science versus superstition and progress versus extermination. Unlike Political Compass, it’s easier to get extreme results; mine is predictably (10, 10), the most pro-science and pro-progress.

6 Responses to Worldview Quiz

  1. Katie Kish says:

    I thought I’d get 10, 10 as well, but I got 9 for progress… I went back and it’s because of this question
    “Which of these is closest to your view of humankind as a whole?”
    The answer Humankind should take responsibility for its own destiny” would have given me 10, 10, but I said neither of the answers worked for me. …Because I really think that nature is just gonna take humans out and it’s going to be halarious.
    I don’t think we *should* take responsibility. … Maybe we should, but… I don’t really care enough to say that we should.

  2. I scored 9 science, 10 humankind.

  3. gordo says:

    I can’t believe I got the same score as Katie, and for the exact same reason. It took me 41 years to develop this worldview, and she’s achieved it in what, 14 years? It’s kind of hard to judge her age from the photos on her site.

    So in just 4 short decades, I’ve managed to acquire a blog and the worldview of a teenager. My life is off to a flying start.

  4. Kian says:

    Gordo I’m 16! Not 14! Geez.

    Well, lets not get too caught up in age here. And besides generally speaking I’ve matured (aaah ha ha ha, no really) a lot more than people my age and I am much much more cynical than people my age – which effects my world views a lot. Also, I happen to be smarter than most people my age. All of that effects the wrold view schist.

    So don’t start beating yourself up 😀

  5. […] Via Alon Levy, this “Worldview Quiz” asks really probing questions about the nature of your own beliefs, and charts the results on a graph for you to see where you line up alongside other prominent people. […]

  6. I got 9,4 – primarily science based, interestingly similar to the Dalai Lama. Thanks for sharing that find

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