Friday Night Links

Liza of CultureKitchen writes about misogyny and the Sandinistas, in light of the total abortion ban its Congress passed yesterday, which imposes a 30-year prison sentence on women who abort. Liza explains how the ban is related to the betrayal of socialist principles by Daniel Ortega and his supporters, and talks about the intimate connection between feminism and Liberation Theology. Finally, she concludes,

Abortion would be completely contrary to Liberation Theology. There is no question about it. But for liberation theologists to push for a complete ban on abortion? That’s completely unheard of. I find it hard to believe that Liberation theologists would go on a full attack of women’s sovereignty. I believe the case is more about the corruption of the revolutionary movement, a corruption that is symbolized by Daniel Ortega’s 20 years of sexual domination and raping of his stepdaughter, Zoilamérica Narváez.

The French police seems determined to make sure that the riots of last year happen again this year. I didn’t mention the trigger of the original riots in my original article about them (sequel promised if the riots recur): two Arab-French youths were electrocuted while running from the police. France has enough ghettoization and police racism that putting more police officers in Arab areas will just make things worse.

As a consequence, the National Syndicate of Police Officers (SNOP) has demanded that reinforcements be deployed in the departement of Seine-Saint-Denis, just north of Paris, because ‘the delinquents in certain housing estates are preparing to violently ‘celebrate’ (last year’s) events.’

So great is the fear about a renewal of violence, that Interior Nicolas Sarkozy said this week he will draw up a bill that would make it a crime – rather than a misdemeanor, as it is currently – to attack police officers, gendarmes or fire-fighters and will propose a law to treat juvenile repeat offenders as adults in court.

The degree of repression countries will go to to avoid cracking down on discrimination is astounding. When Syria or Jordan slaughters Palestinians it’s understandable – neither has been famous for its democratic governance – but why France keeps trying the failed law-and-order solution is beyond me.

DarkSyde interviews Karen Wehrstein, a highly talented science and science fiction illustrator who’s responsible to, among other things, the cover of Kosmos, and many of DarkSyde’s Science Friday pictures. Besides being a great drawer and photoshop artist, she apparently has world creation ideas that make most popular science fiction look cretinous.

Gordo attacks coded racism in Republican ads and the Republican response to it.

When a Republican gets called out for being insensitive or for using coded racism, he turns around and says that his critics are trying to use race to divide the electorate. It goes like this:

Democrat: What’s your position on affirmative action?

Republican: I’m against it. If you want my opponent’s position, you’ll have to ask one of the many white women who work on his staff?

Democrat: Are you trying to say I’m too friendly with white women?

Republican: I don’t want to hug THAT tar baby.

Citizen: Tar baby? Isn’t that a bit insensitive?
Republican: I think YOU’RE being OVERsensitive. But I understand that you people are hot-blooded.
Citizen: What? That’s a bigoted stereotype! You take that back!
Republican: Take it back? Do you think I’m an Indian giver?
Citizen: Apologize!
Republican: See, this is what happens. Every chance you get, you people start mau-mauingg on the race issue, trying to divide us instead of uniting us.

The Republican base may hate the French, but its ethnic policies are remarkably similar to France’s: sweep the issue under the carpet, pretend everyone’s an equal citizen and no racism exists, and bash everyone who says that the emperor has no clothes for trying to divide the country.


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