Late Night Commentary

Gordo has joined the dark side of people who hate me for no good reason. He’s spreading pernicious rumors about my link posts:

[Link] Marketing genius Alon Levy now has a Wednesday Links edition. Hmm…I had link days on Sunday and Thursday, and Alon started a blog and instituted a Saturday Link feature. Now he’s got a Wednesday Link feature as well. Can Thursday Videos be far behind?

My link posts follow no pattern – I just slap a day or time on them at random – but now that Gordo’s suggested it, I can’t help it but post videos on Thursday. I missed the train today by about an hour and a half my time, but rest assured, next week I’m going to fish a fleshy YouTube video.

In other news, Shelley is now 2250 votes behind. You’re not helping, people! Go out there and make sure the horserace politics reporter who’s the frontrunner, Stephen Yellin, doesn’t beat a real issue blogger whose money will go to curing deafness rather than contributing to an incompetent political party.

Finally, a little word of advice: if you have a shortage of socks, look for a place to buy a few extra pairs. Don’t be tempted to make things easier by going to the laundry room barefoot and throwing all your socks there. You won’t be able to leave your place for more than an hour, so if for example you’re thirsty and there’s nothing to drink in your room, you’ll have to drink objectively disgusting tap water.

4 Responses to Late Night Commentary

  1. “…rather than contributing to an incompetent political party.” Really getting into this aren’t you? =)

  2. Alon Levy says:

    When the Republican Party pushes forward an issue that 83% of the American people agree with it on, it always gets its way, even when it’s in the minority. If the Democrats can’t pass a minimum wage increase now, they’re just not trying hard enough.

  3. SLC says:

    Gold Toe socks. They last forever.

  4. gordo says:

    “You won’t be able to leave your place for more than an hour”

    Yesterday I did something really crazy. I put on my shoes without socks. I know, it was a silly chance to take, but I was out of coffee and had to run to the corner store.

    As for the contest, it seems as though a Kossak would have a gigantic advantage in a contest that was, basically, a measure of the amount of buzz that a blogger could generate.

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