Horserace Politics Roundup

As of 2:48 am EST:
Arizona rejects an SSM ban by a narrow margins. Seven other states pass the ban by margins ranging from very narrow to overwhelming.

After polling behind Allen by about 30,000 votes for a few hours, Webb pulled up at the last few precincts, which are concentrated in Democratic-leaning north Virginia. Now he’s up by 7,500 votes. Along with likely Democratic victories Montana and Missouri, this puts the Democrats in 51-49 control of the Senate, assuming Lieberman defects. I still think the Democrats’ chances of withdrawing from Iraq is minuscule.

Echoing 1994, no Democratic incumbent has been defeated. The only Democratic defeat so far has been Lieberman’s switch. But the Democrats have gained 26 House seats; they now have 226 races called, plus 19 undecided.

South Dakota rejected the abortion ban. California and Oregon rejected parental notification propositions.

Six states out of six voted to raise their minimum wages substantially and index them to subsequent inflation.

For some reason, there are more votes cast in Manhattan than in Brooklyn, even though Brooklyn has more than half against as many people. This also happened in 2004. Are Manhattanites unusually political, or Brooklynites unusually apathetic?

Finally, reading people on Redstate ask themselves in disarray what they did wrong fills me with schadenfreude. On the other hand, the rhetoric about Democratic-lite reminds me too much of my novel’s Republican Dominionist, who repeatedly claims that he’s not a “conservative of convenience” and hates Bush for being too incompetent and too liberal.

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