Links and a Carnival

Yesterday, the 25th Carnival of the Liberals was posted on Philosophy, et cetera. The highlights of the carnival are Alonzo Fyfe’s post about the appropriateness of emotional appeals and negative political statements, and the Greenbelt’s post about how the media stifles discourse, but a lot of other posts there are well worth your time. I’m not linking to them only because you should go to the carnival’s homepage. The 26th carnival will be posted on Stump Lane on the 22nd.

Amanda attacks an article that claims that the best way for a woman to avoid sexual harassment is to be invisible – that is, to dress and behave like everyone else and do what their boyfriends/husbands/fathers tell them to do. Like so many promoters of bullshit theories, the artice’s author begins with some trivial observations about gender, pulls a characterization of harassment out of thin air, and spices everything up with creepy apologetics for controlling. Personally, I think newspapers and non-fluffy magazines should ban reporters from writing about personal observations unless they have hard evidence that what they say has any connection to reality.

Ann notes the gender (im)balance of the political commentators about the midterm election.

Alessandra Stanley noticed the same thing I did on Tuesday night: Apparently the news networks think only men can analyze election returns.


Yep. I also noticed that CNN predominantly turned to female correspondents like Dana Bash for the “color” commentary from the DCCC headquarters and sent Abbi Tatton and Jacki Schechner for some fluffy interviews at the blogger event, but relied heavily on the same old group of dudes for serious analysis.

Gordo writes about Bolton’s resignation, which closely followed Rumsfeld’s. Bolton, he explains, not only promoted a wrongheaded view of global politics, but was also bad at playing the geopolitical game, allowing Russia and China to outmaneuver him on every important issue.


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