Friday Afternoon Links

I’m going to Columbia’s medical center to try getting a referral for my foot drop so that I can get health care. If my next post isn’t a longwinded rant about the state of American health care, it means everything will have gone fine.

Lauren, formerly of Feministe and now of Faux Real Tho, is starting a carnival about helping people help themselves. The idea is to post about things like cheap recipes, how to get financial aid, how to budget money, how to leave an abusive relationship, etc. Check out her post and the comment thread, which have a more complete list. The deadline for the first carnival is 11/27; send your contributions to Lauren by then to get on the first issue, on 12/1. Even if you don’t have a blog, you can send something.

Patrick Nielsen Hayden scolds the rising religious left a lot more compactly than I did.

If there’s anything I’d like out of our brave new political dispensation, after (oh, well, okay) an end to torture, a cessation of war, and global engagement with climate change, it would be never having to listen to another word from Jim Wallis and his ilk, heroes in their mind of some imagined “religious left” which appears to function primarily as an excuse for them to scold other progressives for not respecting their glorious religiosity with enough sincerely truthy respectfulness.

Amanda is starting a discussion about porn that is supposed to be actually constructive. The Feminist Central Committee ought to revoke her credentials – talking about pornography as anything except a means for feminists to schism is deeply anti-feminist. The same thing can’t be said about the thread she’s basing her post on, but still… Basically, she talks about the difference between porn and erotica, in terms of three dimensions: content, form, and function. It turns out that in none of the cases is the difference as stark as some people would like it to be.

Gordo notes that the US is reviving its military training program for Latin America. “Military training program” is a fairly euphemistic characterization – a grimmer one would be “Camp for training right-wing terrorists.” I can’t do much better than Gordo here in terms of commentary:

[Link] (In the past, American officials used such training programs to establish ties to military leaders, some of whom were later involved in coups d’etat. Now that Latin Americans are electing liberal governments, the Bush administration wants to revive the training programs. Hmmm…. –g)


3 Responses to Friday Afternoon Links

  1. SLC says:

    Re Amanda

    Amanda is not paying her bills. The account has been suspended.

  2. Pandagon’s up and running again.

  3. They’re restarting the School of the Americas? Damn. That’s bad news.

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