Various and Sundry, Redux

First, health care news: thanks to We Made a Pact With the Natives and then Broke It and Killed Them All Day, I can’t get the referral from Columbia to my MRI test until Monday. Hopefully the Democrats will have enough spine to pay me some disability benefits when my lower right leg stops working completely.

Second, the 26th Carnival of the Liberals is up at Stump Lane. The next Carnival of the Liberals will be up on December 1st on Neural Gourmet; since the next edition is the first anniversary of the carnival, you should submit not your best post since the deadline of the previous edition, but since the beginning of 2006, subject to the constraint that you didn’t submit it to any prior CotL. Since I’m a selfish, egocentric person, I should add that any thoughts on what I should submit will be greatly appreciated.

Third, speaking of Carnivals, Help Us Help Ourselves debuts on December 1st, too, with the submission deadline being 11/27. Even if you don’t have a blog, you can email Lauren your contribution and she’ll put it up on her blog for you.

And speaking of Lauren, she links to a class-A post on the Republic of T explaining why gay marriage seems less and less of a progressive issue.

No surprise there [that the newly elected Democrats are mostly anti-SSM]. I’ve been watching this happen for about the past year or so. I’ve ranted on about it on various progressive blogs. I’ve whooped and hollered about it at the YearlyKos convention. The answer I got was always the same, even from gay people: this is what we have to do to win, and get back into power. At the time I said that shifting right or shutting up on certain issues in order to win over more conservative voters will mean having to do more of the same to keep those voters and thus hold on to power.

I wonder if I met Terrance at Yearly Kos. We’d have had some great conversations about the politics of gay rights. Whenever Olvlzl said on Echidne’s blog that winning was first priority, I noted that gay rights activists have scored several victories without a single electoral win (incidentally, this mirrors the civil rights movement, which never won a single election before 1964).

Lindsay’s series on scaffold advertisement corruption continues. If you know anything about which firms are responsible to putting scaffolds up in New York for the sole purpose of posting billboards, contact her and tell her what you know. People are dying in accidents caused by lax enforcement of regulations of scaffolds.

Pam writes about a Baptist minister who passed a measure to ban gay-friendly churches from the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. The title of the article she links to says it all: “Anti-gay pastor sees role as shielding flock from sin.”

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