I’m Too Scared to Do It

Hat-tip to Jessica: there’s a celebrity auction going on that offers plenty of stuff I’d probably be willing to fork over some money for. Down with the useless items; what the auction features is,

KATHA POLLITT edits your manuscript

Novelist THISBE NISSEN names a character after you

Legendary cartoonist JENNIFER CAMPER designs yr tattoo

A signed limited edition broadside from MARGARET ATWOOD

LETTA NEELY writes a poem for YOU

Original comic art by MIKHAELA REID

Performance/Public Speaking coaching w/JACLYN FRIEDMAN

That’s just a sample of the things on the list I find most interesting. Even those I’d try going for I’m too scared to do, though. Having Katha Pollitt edit my manuscript is scary like hell (it’s limited to five pages, so my book doesn’t count, but there’s other stuff I’ve written).

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