Links and Open Thread

I believe this is my first open thread, ever. Let’s see how it goes.

For the links part, I’m going to be relatively terse this time:

1. Lauren’s new carnival, Help Us Help Ourselves, is up. Details on when the second edition will be up and when the deadline for it will be are in the works, so check Faux Real Tho out over the next few days if you’re interested.
2. Celina interviews Jaymi Heimbuch, who’s just launched a new freely available feminist magazine, Girlistic.
3. Check out both Gordo’s latest US News post, which contains such gems as a government database rating international travelers for their terrorism potential, and the comment thread, which pokes fun at the Founding Fathers.

5 Responses to Links and Open Thread

  1. SLC says:

    Mr. Levy is becomming a big disappointment. He hasn’t bashed the State of Isreal in several weeks.

  2. Alon Levy says:

    I blame Gordo for not writing more about the I/P conflict.

  3. gordo says:


    Wha…? I’ve been waiting for YOU to bash Israel, so I could use a link to you as the basis for a riff! If we’re going to effectively bash Israel, we’ve got to coordinate our efforts better.

    By the way, Laine of Liberal Avenger is currently on a no-fly list, which is ruining her business. She’s been locked in a legal battle for a year, and can’t get any details as to why she’s on it, or what she has to do to get off it.

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