The 2006 Koufax Awards

Wampum, the host of the Koufax Awards, is in financial trouble. Chris Clarke has all the details:

[Link] Mary Beth Williams and Eric Brunner-Williams and Dwight Meredith run the Koufaxes each year for free. And by “for free” I mean they spend money to do so. It’s a net loss to them. Once in a while they ask for help to defray particular expenses. One such particular expense happened a couple months ago: they decided it would be nice to have a better generator to run the Koufax servers off the grid. (MB and Eric host the servers in their house, which‘s house has wheels on it and four kids in it.) [Note update/correction quoted a couple paras down.] I mentioned that Creek Running North readers who value the Koufax Awards might consider donating to the generator fund. That suggestion was buried all the way down at the bottom of this post, and yet CRN readers sent in, according to MB, enough to buy the generator. Which eventually started working the way they expected it to. (Long story.)

Few things have touched me lately the way CRN readers’ response to that generator ask did.

If Wampum wasn’t hosting the Koufaxes, they’d be a perennial finalist in the “Deserving of Wider Recognition” category. Each year the left blogworld descends on Wampum en masse for the Koufaxes, and then after we all win (because we all do!) their readership drops again. Surges in readership are mixed blessings, as I found out this year when the entire internet decided to download a four meg PDF graphic novel I’d put together to make Michael and Amanda chuckle. When that many people check your website a few times an hour, with many of them trying to vote for people by leaving comments, it can strain the web servers something fierce. The cheaters, and they do exist, make it worse.

And thus, MB has been asking politely for the funds to replace two of their servers’ hard drives, which they suspect are not quite up to handling the predicted traffic. (There were certainly times during last year’s Koufaxen when speed at their site was akin to molasses in Bangor in February.) MB and Eric and Dwight have committed to running the Koufaxes even if they have to use their old drives, even if they start smoking like overheated Tesla Coils. (The servers. Not the bloggers. Although it is a lot of work.)

There’s a PayPal link on the Koufax Awards’ site’s right sidebar, which, as far as I can tell, is not just a Christmas decoration. If you have a few spare dollars, donate to Dwight, Mary Beth, and Eric. If you don’t, you won’t get to see your favorite Democratic, liberal, and radical left-wing bloggers whore their brainchildren for attention.

Also, there’s a poll for which additional category to include in the 2006 awards. There are a lot of ideas around; the one that has a plurality now is Best B-Z Lister, with Best Human Equality running second. Coturnix notes that Best Human Equality will really become Best Feminist, since the largest equal rights bloggers all focus on feminism; obviously, then, if there are categories based on blogging focus, there should be several, like feminism, science, antiracism, election blogging, etc.


4 Responses to The 2006 Koufax Awards

  1. gordo says:

    “Coturnix notes that Best Human Equality will really become Best Feminist, since the largest equal rights bloggers all focus on feminism.”

    I guess I’m confused. Will the award be for “best human equality blog”, or for “biggest human equality blog”?

  2. Alon Levy says:

    Best Human Equality Blog, but the contest obviously favors bigger blogs. Just look at who was competitive at the Weblog Awards for Best Science Blog. Mary Beth, Eric, and Dwight could just as well declare Pandagon the winner without any vote.

  3. Sunny says:

    What about the newbies? Do the awards of Koufax only honor the continuing “known” blogs or are the brightest yet the newest blogs with the best writing left out in in the cold?

  4. Alon Levy says:

    The newbies can get Best New Blog (which means most widely read new blog – I think last year’s winner was Firedoglake), and Most Deserving of Wider Recognition, which usually goes to blogs of Majikthise’s or Echidne’s size.

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