Two Personal Updates

First, I forgot to bring my charger to Victoria, so if you call me on my cell and I don’t answer, it’s not because a car ran me over.

Second, the surgeon I finally got to see a few days ago told me to wait a month with my foot drop, and come see him for surgery if the foot drop still persisted. The foot drop is still there, but today I managed to put on socks without holding my toes up for the first time. So I may not need any further health care at all. It’s actually disappointing in that I can’t really time how long it took me to get actual health care, as opposed to diagnoses (though, granted, the surgeon also told me not to cross my legs, which probably counts as actual health care).

4 Responses to Two Personal Updates

  1. T. Bailey says:

    Welcome to Victoria …you may note that there are less trees around than the last time you were here (assuming this isn’t your first visit).

  2. Alon Levy says:

    It’s my first visit. My only other visit to the area was in 6/2001 and was only to the mainland.

    The only frames of reference I have are New York (which has fewer trees, outside Central Park) and Singapore (which has more).

  3. T. Bailey says:

    Ah, well, the thing is, a lot of the trees in the city blew down recently in a storm. Welcome, trees notwithstanding.

  4. Katie Kish says:

    i left for 2 weeks and came back and couldn’t help but notice the large amount of branches all over the ground. The UVIC campus was a mess.

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