Ten Things I Learned in 2006

Jessica posts the ten things she learned in ’06. My ten are,

1. Moving to an interesting city won’t necessarily make your life interesting.

2. Going to a decent university doesn’t mean you can’t get very good grades while spending 20 hours a week studying, rising to 50 on finals week. It does, however, mean you won’t be the most intelligent student in your cohort.

3. When you come out to people who don’t hate you about an alias, they can be surprisingly supportive.

4. Most of New York’s social activity occurs in Brooklyn rather than Manhattan.

5. Like Jessica, I really like living by myself, loneliness notwithstanding.

6. All unramified extensions of local fields are generated by roots of unity of order coprime to the degree of the residue field (proof to come).

7. There’s a good sociological explanation of rape, but it’s not what most feminists think it is.

8. The radicals of the left and of the right are behaviorally identical.

9. Discussions of real issues are incidental to politics.

10. Vanessa Carlton is woefully underappreciated.

One Response to Ten Things I Learned in 2006

  1. Katie Kish says:

    “5. Like Jessica, I really like living by myself, loneliness notwithstanding.”

    You don’t live by youself.

    One of the best things about living alone is not having to care about walking around naked, especially to and from the bathroom.

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