The Internet Connection was Down for Hours

It shouldn’t happen again. I’m flying back home the day after tomorrow, and although New York isn’t free of net hiccups, it probably offers more opportunities to leave the apartment and hunt for a hotspot than Monaco. Tonight’s observations are,

1. The eating culture in Monaco is disgusting. It’s not that the food’s bad; it’s that eating out necessarily involves going to a restaurant where you have to wait an hour and a half to get food that typically costs €20 per person. Midtown may be irritating, but at least you can’t spit in it without hitting a hot dog stand.

2. In case you wonder why Title IX funding is necessary, talk to my sister about it a bit. Apparently, her phys ed teachers routinely let the boys play basketball and shove the girls into a sport they don’t care about, like hockey. When my mom wondered why they did that, she answered with determination, “Because they’re sexist!”. The way Jessica‘s marketed her book to me, it will be perfect for her.

3. I write posts a lot better when the internet’s down. I spent most of the down time translating my post on evidence into Hebrew, which took me more time than writing it in the first place. But if I hadn’t, I’d have probably been far more disciplined when it comes to continuing my series on radical pathologies or bashing Bush or writing about federalism or advocating secularism.

4. The nominations for the Koufaxes are open in three categories, not including the one I’m going to run in (Best New Blog). So far I only have two endorsements: Scienceblogs for best community, and Majikthise for best blog.

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