Monday Evening Links

Mark Chu-Carroll is posting about the basics of mathematics, focusing on popular use of statistics. His first post is about the mean, median, and mode; his second is about the normal distribution.

Tyler’s second basics post, which tackles algorithms and data structures, is also up.

Femalebug links to a YouTube video that shows just how intelligent Americans are. Buddhist monks are Muslim, triangles have four sides, Star Wars is based on a true story, Germany is part of the Axis of Evil, Fidel Castro is a singer, and Iraq is part the Coalition of the Willing.

Pam has a non-cheesy MLK Day post, which traces the pro-SSM views of many of MLK’s associates. In most respects, SSM is today’s equivalent of the struggle for desegregation of the 1950s and 60s.

As usual, Lindsay makes sense on the issues of the day. This time it’s about Edwards’ speech at the Riverside Church, in which he said he now regrets his vote for the war on Iraq and “takes full responsibility,” whatever that means. Lindsay notes,

What really matters is whether a candidate has identified the weaknesses that contributed to their own catastrophic error and worked to correct them.

I want to believe that Edwards has changed since he voted for the war, but I need to here a more substantive answer about why and how.

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