Clinton has no Shame

Clinton has just reminded me why I hate her: because she’s a panderer who tells people what they want to hear and takes no responsibility for her actions.

New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton blamed President Bush on Saturday for misusing authority given him by Congress to act in Iraq, but conceded “I take responsibility” for her role in allowing that to happen.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Clinton also said she would not cede black votes to Barack Obama and that she had proven as a U.S. senator that gender is irrelevant.

Her “I take responsibility” concession looks like a way of wooing Catholics. The Catholic Church has a long tradition of committing transgressions, apologizing for them, and then committing more transgressions. Clinton is essentially saying, “Now that the occupation of Iraq is unpopular, I’m against it. But if I’m under pressure from Republicans, the Israel lobby, and Saudi Arabia to attack Iran, I’ll do it.”

Her point about gender is even more shameless. She believes gender is irrelevant, and then turns around and stresses her gender when she can use it to attract female voters. She can’t even properly craft a persona based on polling data; she has to scramble for support from different groups by being a different person to different people.

The most idiotic thing in her sales pitch is that she tries pitting herself as Ms. Experience.

“I have a lifetime of experiences as well as qualifications from all the work that I’ve done that make me particularly well prepared to take office in January 2009,” she said.

If I were Edwards or Obama and trying to attack Clinton from the left, I’d point out that her lifetime of experience began with doing activist work for Barry Goldwater. The first time she did anything related to policy was when she pushed through her ill considered health care plan in 1993. That’s still more experience than Obama or Edwards has, but Clinton has still only served six years in elected office.

11 Responses to Clinton has no Shame

  1. Bruce says:

    Re: the Catholic Church, the trait you describe is a human trait, not a Catholic one and her claim of responsibility will woo essentially no Catholic voters as such one way or another. Consider the “Al Cheyt” prayer in the Yom Kippur service, in which the same collective sins keep getting committed year after year and forgiven year after year likewise. Or every serial philanderer of every religion or no religion who gets caught again and again until divorce.

    But I concur with the general criticism of this conservative candidate who is oddly unpopular with conservatives. Her “tak[ing] responsibility” for her vote to me echoes nothing more than political cowardice and lameness.

  2. Bob says:

    Thank you for your coments. I was beginning to feel alone in my belief about that bitch Hilary. My hate for her is as strong as yours apparently so I don’t feel alone. We here in Midwest are very adament about our feelings and vomit when you reflect was is infront of us for the next 18 months until the election. CBS, ABC and especially NBC will give Hilary more support and time than anyother candidate and be absolutely ridiculous with their coverage. It’s probably a conspiracy or a pact between the Clintons and the networks.

    Thanks again for keeping my spirits up and knowing I’m not the only one who strongly feels this way. How short we remember it was only 6 years ago when they were in power and look at her now……the audacity to blame Bush for her voting for the war?

  3. SLC says:

    Re Bob

    Actually, Hilary could say that Bush lied us into war via non-existant WMDs.

  4. madmouser says:

    Sorry to tell you this, Bob, but you are only one of millions who hate/dislike Shrillary. I am another. I will not vote for a female so drunk with gaining her own power as to defend an adulterer, the way she defended Billy Boy. That is falling to the lowest depths of womanhood, and self-respect. I do not want someone with those deficiencies as President of my country.

  5. rod. says:

    Shamelessness is a requirement for being a politician. That’s the only way a politician can get overpaid to do nothing, lobby with other criminals and send other people’s sons die in some god forsaken quagmire thousands of miles away.

    Good point on the Catholic Church! Right on! I was born and raised in a small European country where Catholic church has too much power… and I had enough of those lying scumbags. Still, looking at other religions, all I can say is that I am so freaking proud of being an atheist…

  6. Alon Levy says:

    Bruce, it’s a common human problem, of course, but the Catholic Church has turned it into an art. In Judaism, the only sins that are forgiven on Yom Kippur are those against God; to be forgiven for your sins against other people, you have to ask these other people for forgiveness the day before Yom Kippur. Islam, Protestantism, and Judaism have their share of stupidities, but they don’t have any religious leader who apologizes for political purges that took place several centuries ago. Only the radical left’s insistence on apologies for historical injustices that occurred in 1700 approaches the Catholic Church in its magnitude of cluelessness.

  7. Alon Levy says:

    SLC, that’s exactly what Clinton is saying. I don’t buy that for a second; plenty of people – Krugman, Feingold, Jeffords, Kennedy – saw through the sham and opposed the war from the beginning. If Clinton or Edwards uses that argument more, the pro-Obama ads will practically write themselves: “He was right on the war from the beginning.”

  8. SLC says:

    Re Levy

    The trouble is that Obama wasn’t in the Senate in 2003 so didn’t vote on the bill to authorize the Iraq adventure. He can claim until the cows come home that he would have voted no but talk is cheap. He would have to show that he actively opposed the Iraq adventure from the get go. I believe he was in the Illinois Legislature at the time so unless he can point to speeches he made showing his opposition, his argument is pretty empty.

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