Israel’s Pelosi

Israel needs a Nancy Pelosi. The one serving in the US House of Representatives could be pretty good, but anyone who has the power to turn off the aid pipeline and is willing to use it will do. Israel’s violation of an agreement with the US not to use American cluster bombs against civilians would provide a suitable reason to stop sending aid, on top of Israel’s overt threat to authorize a nuclear first strike against Iran.

The U.S. State Department says Israel’s use of U.S.-made cluster bombs in civilian areas of Lebanon during last summer’s war with Hezbollah may have violated an agreement with Washington over the use of the weapons.

State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said “there were likely violations” of the agreement under the Arms Export Control Act, which governs the use of arms sold by the United States.

Under the Act, whose provisions remain confidential, the U.S. must draft a report and send its findings to Congress, if it believes that a foreign country violated the terms of agreement over how U.S.-made weapons are used.

Israel is like a 20-year-old thug who thinks he’s all independent because he lives on his own, and then goes beating people up and gets away with it because his parents always bail him out. Harsh as it is, that thug’s parents need to tell him, “Ehud, you’re on your own. Do whatever you like, but we’re not paying a dime, and we don’t care if you can’t make rent.”

I should start writing letters to my Senators about it (my Congressman probably already agrees with me). The name Alon Levy is very valuable on a letter that tells New York Senators to stop sending Israel, which is already the most developed country outside the OECD, billions of dollars every year that have no strings attached.

9 Responses to Israel’s Pelosi

  1. *Hands Alon a flame proof suit in anticipation of the inevitable flames that will come from SLC.*

  2. Alon Levy says:

    It’s okay. Trust me, I can handle accusations of Israel-bashing.

  3. It’s okay. Trust me, I can handle accusations of Israel-bashing.

    Yes, but SLC is especially persistent in doing so. A thread with him is typically death by a thousand cuts.

  4. SLC says:

    Re Levy

    1. I doubt that Ms. Clinton or Mr. Schumer are at all interested in Mr. Levys’ opinions. Mr. Schumer is 100% pro Israel and, after her embarssment with Suha Arafat, Ms. Clintons’ position is that nobody is going to out Israel her. I don’t know about Congressman Rangel.

    2. I think that the Israeli response to this accusation should be to throw Olmert, the moron, to the wolves, just like Scooter Libby is being thrown to the wolves.

  5. SLC says:

    Re Levy

    Slightly off topic, but attached is a link to a speech given by Bernard Lewis who doesn’t seem to agree with Mr. Levy that the nuclear arsenals of the US and Israel will deter Iran.

  6. Alon Levy says:

    1. For all anyone I’ll send letters to will know, I’m a constituent in good standing. I don’t know about Schumer, but Clinton is an opportunist whose opinion about the I/P conflict is measured by what she thinks gives her more power, rather than by any internal conviction. If I lived in Connecticut, I wouldn’t send letters to Lieberman, because he has an internal convinction and stands firmly on the issue. I disagree with him, but at least he doesn’t flip-flop.

    2. I saw the story about the Eilat bombing on Google News. I’d link to it, but since I don’t have anything in particular to say about individual bombings, I’d have to include it in a news roundup, and I didn’t feel like looking for more pieces of news.

  7. SLC says:

    Re Senator Lieberman

    Actually, Lieberman is somewhat soft on the I/P issue as he has ties to Arab organizations in Connecticut and is in favor of a two state solution.

  8. SLC says:

    I doubt that Mr. Levy will be writing any letters to Mayor Bloomberg.

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