Weird Habits

Skatje tagged everyone reading her post with a meme that asks the blogger to list ten weird things or habits about him/herself.

1. I’m a major language/linguistics geek. I’m not really a polyglot, but I invent languages prolifically. The easiest way to my heart is with a knife, but the second easiest is by telling me about the languages you invent or the linguistics you study.

2. My third place is the grocery store across the street, where I write posts in my head while looking in vain for unsalted meat (there are too many Jews in the neighborhood…) at 3 am.

3. I’m addicted to bread. Wheat is better than white, but even white is good as long as it’s freshly baked rather than sliced and packaged. Unfortunately the said grocery store has no good bread past 10 or 11 pm, and other stores aren’t even open that late, which is turning me off my favorite food.

4. When people say stupid things to me online, I usually respond fairly mildly. But in my head I think of snark that tends to begin with “Do you know why I’m always right? It’s because…”

5. My views of sexuality are almost the diametric opposite of the mainstream’s, in the sense that I don’t think domination equals putting one’s penis in every hole where it can fit. It seems to be standard in BDSM for a dominant to make the submissive give him/her a blowjob. In my conception of sexuality, it’s the other way around: the dominant is the party that gives the blowjob, making him/her the party that can control the submissive’s sensations.

6. I only identify with feminism because of Avedon Carol. I started regularly calling myself a feminist after a bunch of bored Stepford wives called me a feminist pejoratively, but I wouldn’t have if I’d thought feminism was pro-censorship.

7. I’m very heterosocial, and have been so for most of my life. It’s not that I hate men or anything; it just happens that my social circle is majority female.

8. I have crushes of varying degrees of intensity on most under-30 women on my blogroll. It’s evidently not serious enough that I can’t have the same crush on 10 different women, but still.

9. I waver between extreme shyness and inability to shut up. Usually I start out by not saying anything, but if I know something about the subject or have some acquaintance with you, the only surefire way to get me to stop talking is with duct tape.

10. I’m very uncomfortable with crowds, politically speaking. Even a small dose of groupthink or similar displays of solidarity can make disillusion me even with movements I strongly identify with the politics of.

Like Skatje, I tag everyone.

9 Responses to Weird Habits

  1. Roy says:

    Interesting list.
    Confession: I definitely identify with 3, 4, 5, 9, and 10 (and, actually, a broader form of 10, in that I’m generally uncomfortable with crowds of any kind).

    Assuming that it’s okay to make my list here:

    1. I don’t eat or drink after anyone that I won’t make out with. This includes family. If someone wants to try something that I’m eating or drinking, I have to remove a portion of it, so that we don’t actually share a fork or glass. Further: I’m not sure of the origin of this particular trait, since I don’t have any phobias regarding germs, nor am I obsessed with washing my hands, etc.

    2. I like sorting things. My movie collection is divided between live-action and animated, and then alphabetical by title. Books are sorted into fiction, non-fiction, graphic novel, poetry, and theater, and literary collection. Then alphabetical by author/editor or by title for graphic novels. Music is sorted by artist.

    3. I have a terrible time remembering names, and create nick-names for people based on personality or physical traits. At times, this results in weird nicknames for people like “Mikey Two-Hands” “Angry Steve” “Megan No ‘H'” or “Angry Troll Upstairs.”

    4. I sometimes indulge my imagination by placing myself as the lead character in complicated (and ridiculous) sci-fi or spy stories when I’m driving home from work, pretending that I’m on my way home from some sort of secret mission, or that my car is actually some kind of spaceship (it’s a 45 minute drive up a relatively straight piece of road, and I get bored).

    5. I put smokey-link sausages on pizza.

    6. I dislike cooked fruit. The texture of most cooked fruit bothers me, so I don’t like most pies.

    7. Something in coffee gives me the most intense stomach cramps I’ve ever had. It’s not the caffeine, though.

    8. I get extremely aggitated and fidgety if I sit in a bar or restaurant for any longer than about an hour. Especially if I’m not actually ordering food.

    9. If at all possible, I sit with my back to the wall in restaurants. I particularly dislike sitting with my back facing the door, and I really dislike strangers touching me on the back (as when people gentle touch you to let you know they’re trying to pass, for example).

    10. I’m right handed, but wear my watch on my right wrist (when I wear a watch).

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  3. vegano says:

    i like get this weird and uncomfortable need to stretch my whole body, sometimes i have the need to punch something, or kick something, im lazy with Homework, it’s like i say that i have to do my haomework but i just end up using my laptop doing random stuff, then in the morning when i get to school i try to the the homework, but i get lazy.

    i cant sleep in total silence, i have to have a fan on or something, the silence just creeps me out and makes me feel uncomfortable

  4. weirdgirl012 says:

    Well for one…
    1. I have turn on the sink before using the bathroom. Don’t ask why.
    2. Whenever I take a bath on some Friday nights in order to sleep good I sometimes think myself as a mermaid with added music! I’m like totally alone on those nights so I can do that. And by music I mean that kind of relaxing music to where you can hear various instruments and the sounds of the ocean.
    3. I eat salads with usually 3 things. Like Lettuce, cheese, and italian dressing (my favorite), and lettuce, bacon bits, and ranch dressing (eats every wednesday on salad bar day at school)
    4.I often talk to myself for my own self enjoyment.
    5.I hate the idea and sound of sex. Even if people talk about I feel qeezy.
    6. I carry lots of peppermints in my purse because I’m scared I’ll have bad breath but people ask for mints every stupid day and gave me the nick name “Mint Girl” ever since middle school.
    7. I sometimes think about what the world would be like if I ruled it…dictator much…
    8. I am paranoidly disturbed by other people urinating, even myself.
    9.Every now and then I like to microwave marshmallows and put sugar sprinkles on it and eat it.
    10. I have a tendency to talk to stuffed animals when I’m alone. Especially when it’s about my feelings that I refuse to tell anyone else.

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