Why I Oppose Conscience Clauses

Via Just Dreadful: a rape victim in Florida complained to the police about the rape. The police found out she owed money in restitution for an old theft case, and promptly threw her in jail, where a jail worker refused to give her emergency contraception because he’s morally opposed to it.

Meanwhile, the spin doctors are already trying to control the story.

Tampa attorney Jennifer D’Angelo, who represents the jail worker, said Tuesday that her client is prohibited from giving inmates any medication without specific orders. The worker insists she never discussed religion with the woman who reported being raped.

The victim had already gotten her first pill; the jail worker refused to give her the second dose. The specific orders in question are likely bunk, since all rape victims in the US immediately get EC, unless they go to Catholic hospitals.

2 Responses to Why I Oppose Conscience Clauses

  1. That’s absolutely disgusting. Behold the power of magical thinking and the ability to convince yourself that misogynistic coercion gives you the moral high ground. My blood pressure is now so high I can feel my pulse in my eyelid.

  2. SLC says:

    There was a long segment on this issue on Nancy Graces’ program last night. Apparently, the jail worker is now on paid leave while the matter is investigated. Ms. Grace was certainly in high dungeon over the affair.

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