Carnival of Mathematics Update

First, in case you don’t regularly check the carnival website, the host of the third carnival, scheduled for 3/9, is Mikael Johansson. I’m still looking for someone to host the second carnival, which is on 2/23.

Second, a lot of the posts I’m getting are quite old; the majority so far are from 2006, at times from early 2006. This is perfectly fine, since I don’t think it makes much sense to impose a time limit in the first edition. So feel free to send your best math-blogging since the birth of the web. If you had a blog-like website in 1994, feel free to send me comments from the time about the news of the proof of Fermat’s last theorem.

Third, there is no hard limit about the topic, level of math in the post, or level of expertise of the poster. If you’re a teacher who has thoughts about how to improve math education, send them in. If you’re a first-year undergrad proving interesting things about high school geometry, send your posts.

And fourth, Brent told me that carnivals need a recognizable logo. My artistic skills were frozen at the age of 9, so I’m going to have to delegate this to whoever is willing to take on the task. If you’re a professional, I can pay you the going rate, and you can trust that whatever price you name, I won’t be able to contradict you by saying it’s above market average.

3 Responses to Carnival of Mathematics Update

  1. jd2718 says:

    Will the carnival accept puzzles, or mathematics education related posts? I post, but I’ve also stumbled on a cluster of math/puzzle/education folks who might be interested.


  2. Alon Levy says:

    Yes. I’ve gotten a post on education and a few posts about puzzles so far.

  3. Huperborea says:

    Carnival of Mathematics

    Alon Levy is hosting the Carnival of Mathematics this Friday, 2/9, on his blog.

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