Carnival of the Godless #59 is up

This edition’s host is Martin Rundkvist, the biggest blog whore I know of. It also happens to feature plenty of great posts, making it hard to only choose 2 or 3 highlights. I had to artificially weed out everything that was too abstract or talked too much about personal experience.

Nonetheless, here they are:

Churchianity Today has a parody timeline of the early 22nd century, in which the American Psychological Association declares religion a mental illness, and the Supreme Court okays institutionalizing religious people.

Saint Gasoline rebukes Terry Eagleton’s critique of Dawkins, explaining exactly why it’s appropriate for Dawkins not to immerse himself in pointless medieval arguments about theology.

Populist Party writes about the fundamental evil that is Dominionism, drawing parallels between Dominionism, sexism, racism, and imperialism.

The next edition is on Manifold Fates, to appear on 2/18. And I promise I’ll participate this time, after skipping this edition.


One Response to Carnival of the Godless #59 is up

  1. ‘S’true! And Alon’s my number one john! (-;

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