Cheap Shots

Dan Riehl is an idiot. A more intelligent conservative could criticize Edwards on a variety of grounds: his class warfare rhetoric, his proposed tax hikes, his Iran flip-flop, his timidity in opposing gay marriage. However, Riehl isn’t such an intelligent conservative. Bad as Edwards might be, hiring a woman who’s less attractive than he is to be his top blogger isn’t a transgression.

It gets worse. Suppose that Edwards had hired Jessica Valenti instead. Riehl wouldn’t be able to link to unflattering photos of Jessica and laugh; in the most unflattering photos of her, she looks like a highly attractive woman who’s making faces at her camera.

But, you know, we’ve been there. If Edwards had hired Jessica or Lindsay or Jill, Riehl would be making sexual cheap shots instead. When Ann Althouse had the chance to, she did.

So, my advice to Democrats who don’t want to get attacked by right-wing nuts: don’t hire unattractive or average-looking women. Don’t hire attractive women. Don’t hire only men, because misogynist assholes will still call you a sexist. Don’t run without hiring anyone, because you’ll be a lightweight. And don’t choose not to run, because you’ll be a coward. Your best shot is to stop existing.

10 Responses to Cheap Shots

  1. […] am a prodigy, Dan Riehl is not Via Alon Levy I have come across this post by some right-wing simp cheap-shotting Amanda Marcotte for her looks. […]

  2. SLC says:

    Re Riehl

    If Mr. Riehl wants to be substantive in criticizing Ms. Turcotte, (a rather unlikely scenario as, like most right wing bigots, he appears to be more interested in sliming) he might consider concentrating on her comments on the Duke so-called rape case. Here is something substantive to criticize. I have posted links to that issue elsewhere in this blog and have commented on her irresponsible handling of that issue. That, by the way, also reflects on Mr. Edwards who appointed her to her current position because Edwards is a distinguished plaintiffs attorney who, as a member of the bar, should know better.

  3. Bruce says:

    I gather that Dan Riehl has little sense of irony. He attacks Marcotte for having majored in gender studies, and claims that that meant she studied herself, thus insulting ad hominem every women and man who majored in that field.

    In reality, that’s also an insult to every seminary student, most English majors, most American History majors within the U.S. – they are also studying themselves or their own culture and worldview, in most cases. As are Swedes who study Swedish culture in Sweden, etc.

    Thank goodness that a J-School grad who names his blog “Riehl World View” could never be accused of engaging in pseudo-intellectual masturbation in front of a mirror. Which fact poses a difficult philosophical question: if it’s one winger engaging in pseudo-intellectual masturbation in front of his mirror over the looks and career advancement of a rival blogger, is it a pseudo-intellectual circle jerk or is the required circle lacking? I guess this would fall under metaphysics; perhaps Wittgenstein would bring clarity to the matter. Then again, of course not.

  4. zuzu says:

    Actually, Bruce, he’s attacking Jessica for having a degree in gender studies. And he also lets us know that he’d fuck her.

  5. Bruce says:

    Well, his writing is so difficult to read; he misplaced his modifier. I was lazy about reading his links. Or I am part of the illiterate horde, as Riehl suggests. Takes an act of will to read him close, like watching a really, really bad play poorly acted.

  6. Roy says:

    Nothing screams “intelligent political discourse” like “That doesn’t mean I’d throw her, or the complaining blogger out of bed. Unfortunately… …I’ll just assume the self-obsession that propelled her to study herself in college, ugh, carries over to the bedroom so that she’s either A: not much good as a partner, or B: without need of one, as her genderized-naval gazing has broadened since college. ”

    Because, God knows it’s important to clarify that you’d be willing to knock boots with them.
    Lucky them, right?

  7. […] (Via a comment from the Love Machine himself, here.) […]

  8. Alon Levy says:

    Actually, Jessica isn’t that much into gender studies. So far she’s the only feminist blogger I’ve seen express open hostility to wedding feminism and gender studies departments.

    But never mind that. She’s used to being bullshit-analyzed, I expect. Ann Althouse did that to her with the Clinton lunch photo, and Dan Riehl’s doing that to her with the academic background.

  9. gordo says:

    “Perhaps Wittgenstein would bring clarity to the matter. Then again, of course not.”

    Heh, I think.

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