Candidates Should Check Which Bloggers They Hire

John McCain’s campaign hired Patrick Hynes, a blogger and a Free Republic poster who ranted about Chelsea Clinton’s looks. No reports yet circulate saying that McCain has fired Hynes, whose blog includes the following gems:

1. Writing about Harvard’s new curriculum overhaul, which emphasizes learning more about other cultures, Bull Dog Pundit wrote, “In case none of you are smart enough to figure it out (having not gone to Harvard), it’s really a bunch of anti-American, multicultural PC crap. (I would use a different word than “crap”, but I didn’t go to Harvard)… folks, this isn’t ‘education’. It’s ‘indoctrination’.”

2. Hynes himself wrote a book called In Defense of the Religious Right, which promulgates the myth that the USA’s Founders were all religious nuts who wanted the US to be a Christian state. The book refers to atheists as “elites” and pretends the entire Supreme Court is anti-religious.

3. Bull Dog Pundit defended US Air‘s decision to not let Imams who prayed out loud board a plane because, as we all know, Muslims are all terrorists. He also defended Joe Biden’s racist remarks.

4. Hynes complains that libertarians are threatening to buck the religious right: “The libertarian Right appears bent on bringing down the one political movement that has tolerated its know-it-all-ism and has in fact dragged it into the halls of political power along with it, rather like a ball and chain: the Christian Right.” Apparently, the religious right’s hatred of civil rights and civil liberties has nothing to do with that.

5. B.T. defended corporate-funded anti-science activism in the form of global warming denialism.

McCain’s campaign blogger is a Dominionist who coblogs with an ignorant racist who hates education, and an ignorant, faith-based science hater.

5 Responses to Candidates Should Check Which Bloggers They Hire

  1. jackordor says:

    hmmm, still better than a feminist-Nazi who hates science

  2. Candidates Should Check Which Bloggers They Hire

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