Catholics, Jews, and Delusions of Oppression

Fitz’s comment on Majikthise that the Catholic League is a Catholic civil rights organization, and the periodic casting of critics of Israel as anti-Semites, together display many unnerving parallels. The delusion of oppression is a radical pathology that is present in smaller amounts among non-radicals. Whether this oppression exists or not is immaterial; organizations like the Catholic League would look for it in the wrong places anyway.

Being an oppressed group carries a few fringe benefits: the right to call clueless members of the majority group bigoted, greater leeway in criticizing mainstream values, mainstream tolerance of safe spaces. These are far outweighed by the very real effects of discrimination, but white people are likelier to notice a black person who calls the media racist than a hundred white people who support school segregation.

Now, enter ethnic whites. Many were discriminated against in the past for being named Ferrera or Cohen or O’Leary or even Bauer, rather than Jones. In that climate, it’s easy for organizations like the Catholic League and the Anti Defamation League to sell themselves as civil rights organizations, while engaging in pure sacroturf and political intimidation.

Conservative WASPs can’t talk about the civil equality of people who came to the US on the Mayflower without looking like idiots. Therefore, they launch organizations that try to make it look as if white Christians are an oppressed group: the Christian Coalition, Focus on the Family, the Moral Majority. Talk radio hosts like Limbaugh and Savage demonize black people and complain about black racism in order to portray whites as a marginalized group.

Obviously, some of these do suffer from latent discrimination. Hate crimes against Jews exist, though more in Europe than in North America, and in mostly Jew-free areas of the US, anti-Semitic bigotry runs rampant. The ADL really was a civil rights group for a long time, allied with the ACLU and the NAACP.

But right now, systematic discrimination against Jews and other ethnic whites is gone. Jews and Catholics are overrepresented in the Supreme Court. Kerry ws criticized for being insufficiently Catholic rather than too Catholic. For the individual cases of civil rights violations that invaribly linger, there’s the ACLU.

So in their lust to become oppressed minorities, many Jews and Catholics (Jews more so than Catholics) turn to organizations that support a controversial country’s controversial policies. For Catholics, that country is the Vatican, with its Papal social policy. For Jews, it’s obviously Israel, with its occupation of Palestine.

These delusions of oppression create absurd political alliances. Most hawkish Jews have internalized the notion that Jewry equals Israel to the point that they ally themselves with anti-Semites as long as they support Palestine. In Europe, they end up apologizing for anti-Semites on the extreme right whose redeeming feature is hating Muslims more.

And the Catholic League is simply the Catholic version of the religious right. Non-denominational and Protestant organizations call anyone who disagrees with them an anti-religious traitor with no evidence; the Catholic League uses “anti-Catholic bigot” instead.

This despite the fact that many Catholics in the US are in fact oppressed for being Hispanic. Given that almost all of the 14.5% of Americans who are Hispanics are Catholics, it’s likely that the majority of American Catholics are Latino. In light of that, supporting civil rights for Catholics in the US means supporting greater rights for immigrants and measures for racial equality.

It’s true that Anglo racism isn’t religious in nature, Samuel Huntingon’s rationalizations notwithstanding. But the NAACP and NOW don’t attack discrimination directly, either. Abortion, school funding, paid family leave, and public housing aren’t strictly speaking about gender or race; they just affect women and minorities disproportionated, making it sensible for NOW and the NAACP to advocate for them.

The organizations that do the most to advance Catholics’ and Jews’ civil rights are the traditional civil rights organizations, especially the ACLU. Although the ADL was traditionally a civil rights organization, it broke away from the civil rights movements after the 1960s, preferring to focus on shoring up public support for the occupation of Palestine.

14 Responses to Catholics, Jews, and Delusions of Oppression

  1. muppt says:

    Trotsky communists and Neoconservativism are planning to take over the world! They are initiating a permanent revolution!

  2. neko says:

    What about the occupation of northern Ireland? What about the occupation of the Aztec lands? What about the occupation of the Aborigine’s land?

    When someone bashes Israel for their occupation, but doesn’t bash other countries for their’s, they are immediately (and rightfully) suspected of antisemitism – if it was the idea of occupation that bothered them, they would mention all occupations in a single breath, not choose to concentrate on a single one.

  3. Alon Levy says:

    Northern Irish Catholics can vote in British elections. Native Americans and Australian Aborigines can vote in their respective countries’ elections. Palestinians can only vote for a non-sovereign state that is under military occupation. The situations you describe are analogous to Arab-Israelis’ situation, not to the Palestinians’.

  4. neko says:

    No, you are completely wrong. The Palestinian struggle to end occupation is a struggle against the occupation of the lands known as Israel. This is the reason they don’t agree to any plan provided by Israel, the US, or even Saudi Arabia. They had numerous chances to have their own country, since the UN decision to Oslo to the road map. They always declined, because they demand that all the lands which are currently Israel be given to them. This is known by the innocent name “right of return”. From the Palestinian side, the establishment of a “Palestine” means that they lose the right to demand that Israel gives them all their land, and that is why they prefer terrorism over negotiations.

    So watch your terms. The word occupation, in Arab Muslim view, is quite different from what you mean.

    The fact that Israel operates within areas which are agreed as being Palestinian (even by Israel itself!) is mostly due to terrorism – if there was no terrorism from the Palestinian side of the disputed lands, Israel would have no business there, and would lose the excuse for holding settlements. Israel was very close to ending the occupancy of the agreed upon land, but the Palestinian terrorist groups in Gaza and Hizbullah couldn’t let that happen, so they launched attacks to cause Israeli public view to connect the withdrawal from Gaza and Lebanon to the deaths of civilians. Now, Israeli public opinion shifted from about 70% pro-withdrawal, to about 20% pro-withdrawal.

  5. Alon Levy says:

    Oh, the joy of saying things that have no relation to reality…

    [Link] But perhaps the most moderate and surprising attitude is the one toward the two state solution and mutual recognition of identity. In this poll, 66% said they would support, and 32% would oppose, the recognition of Israel as the state for the Jewish people in the context of peace based on a two-state solution and an Israeli recognition of Palestine as the state for the Palestinian people.

  6. SLC says:

    Michael Savages’ real name is Michael Weiner, something he doesn’t advertise. If he did, the racists who listen to his program would be turned off.

  7. SLC says:

    Re Levy

    Mr. Levy likes to quote Palestinian poll results which claim to show that the Palestinians support a two state solution. Other then the fact that these poll results are highly volitile, there is a condition that is unacceptable to Israel, namely that Israel must agree that all Palestinians and their decendents who left what is now Israel in 1948 must be allowed to return. Mr. Levy and his pal Gordon Packard have endorsed this condition. It is interesting that they never discuss the rights of native Americans, Sudetenland Germans, etc. to return to their land which was taken from them.

  8. Alon Levy says:


    I’ve hated this guy ever since I was in a cab in LA in 2003 and the driver had his show on. He ranted in length about the unconditional love parents give their children and exhorted parents to stop loving their children if they turn out to be gay. The most brilliant gem was when someone said there are many words for love in Sanskrit, so he said “They were so busy making love they forgot to build a civilization.”

  9. SLC says:

    Michael Savage (nee Weiner) is a complete a**hole who makes even Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Bill O’Reilly look almost moderate. His program is also carried on a local station here in the Washington area and apparently draws a substantial audience of white trash redneck peckerwoods who are unaware of his ethnic origins.

  10. SLC says:

    Re davidbenariel

    And here I thought that the murder of the traitor Rabin was ordered by the International Zionist Conspiracy (IZC) and their puppets in the Vatican because of his sellout to the forces of the antiChrist (nee Yasir Arafat). This makes sense as it is totally obvious that Dr. Ratzinger is and always has been under the thumb of the IZC. However, the role of the Masons and the Illuminati has to be considered as they are the only conspiracies independent of the IZC. Maybe they supplied the bullets for Mr. Amir to accomplish his task.

  11. Bruce says:

    German-Jesuit masters.


    I have had German-Jesuit masters, but they don’t run Israel. They do, however, teach Latin in suburban Baltimore.

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