Carnivalia, and Open Thread

The 32nd Carnival of the Liberals is up on The Greenbelt (and my post didn’t make it); the next edition will be posted on Blue Gal on February 28th. The highlights are, I think, Reality-Based Government and The Problem with Detention without Trial.

Class-A blog whore Martin Rundkvist has posted his edition of the Carnival of History. The next edition will be posted on History is Elementary on 3/1.

The 54th Skeptics’ Circle is up on Action Skeptics; the next edition will be posted on 3/1 on The Second Sight.

On a semi-related note, PZ’s started an Order of the Molly award, given to the best commenter in the middle of each month. The commenters choose a distinguished commenter, who receives recognition from the blogger himself. If this blog ever gets to the size of Pharyngula or Pandagon or even Majikthise, I promise to promote every regular commenter’s blog.

Also, remember that the next Carnival of the Godless is up on Manifold Fates (whichseems to be down) on Sunday the 18th, and the next Carnival of Mathematics is up on Good Math, Bad Math on Friday the 23rd.

3 Responses to Carnivalia, and Open Thread

  1. muppt says:

    look at me, I’m godless!

  2. Ruchira Paul says:

    Why wait? You are already on 3QD!

  3. Alon Levy says:

    Well, yeah, but I still don’t get that much traffic here (lately I average 1,000 hits a day, but most of those are due to a confluence of links).

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