Hardball With Reason Magazine

Hat-tip to Mr. X’s comment on Crablaw: David Weigel of Reason Magazine complains that Hannity asked Giuliani easy questions for which he could give canned answers, and suggests hardball questions instead. Each of 19 candidates, ranging in seriousness from Giuliani and Clinton to Hunter and Kucinich, gets a different hardball question. Then there’s a 20th question, “You have to abolish one cabinet position. Name it” (my response: homeland security).

The entire post is good, but I’ll only reproduce the best question asked of a serious candidate of each party.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani
“When you were mayor of New York, you made two attempts to extend your term in office. You opposed a term limits bill that voters passed; you publicly speculated over staying in office after September 11, and only reluctantly stopped a third party from nominating you for a third term after the state legislature made it clear they wouldn’t allow it. Given that the last six years have seen a vast expansion of presidential power, how can Americans trust you not to abuse the office and seek more and more personal authority?”

Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards
“You have said you were mistaken to vote for the 2002 Iraq resolution. But you did more than that: You were a co-sponsor of Sen. Joe Lieberman’s war resolution, along with Strom Thurmond, Jesse Helms, and Zell Miller. Given the arc of your flip-flop, why should anyone trust your judgment on foreign policy?”

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