My Name isn’t Olivia, but Still

One Jewish Dyke has an A-Z meme that attracts me because it asks questions I’d rather not answer in addition to the usual trivial stuff. She didn’t tag me, unless she thinks my name is Olivia, but still, here it goes:

Accent: nondescriptly foreign, more European than Asian.

Bible book that I like: none of them, but Joshua is useful when talking to an ignoramus who thinks the Qur’an is the only pro-mass murder scripture.

Chore I don’t care for: cleaning my room.

Dog or cat: neither.

Essential electronics: laptop.

Favorite cologne: I’m sufficiently out of the loop on anything related to beautification that I don’t even know which genders are supposed to wear it.

Gold or silver: I like the color silver more, but I’m not going to put money into either.

Handbag: what handbag?

Insomnia: only when I direly need to wake up in time the next day.

Job title: teaching assistant (I’m only actually TAing starting this May, but the department calls everyone a teaching assistant so that first-years can get a social security number, which I still haven’t gotten).

Kids: I don’t have any, thank the FSM.

Living arrangements: a single room in a hybrid of a four-bedroom apartment and a dorm.

Most admirable trait: intelligence.

Naughtiest childhood behavior: having ridiculous superhero fantasies.

Overnight hospital stays: I think I had one when I was 2.

Phobias: none I know of.

Quote: “Facts may be on the liberals’ side, but God is on ours!” (this predates Colbert, I should add).

Religion: semi-practicing Pastafarian.

Siblings: one sister who’s turning 14 the day of the third Carnival of Mathematics.

Time I wake up: between 7 and 3, usually somewhere in the middle.

Unusual talent or skill: mathematical ability.

Vegetable I refuse to eat: I don’t eat most vegetables, but tomatoes deserve singular mention.

Worst trait: chronic lack of social skills.

X-rays: when I was 11, my right pinky suffered trauma that may or may not have included dislocation and/or a broken bone, and that required an X-ray.

Yummy stuff I cook: see “living arrangements” above and draw your own conclusions.

Zoo animal I like the most: elephants, maybe.

7 Responses to My Name isn’t Olivia, but Still

  1. muppt says:

    what’s your favorite porn movie?

  2. Katie Kish says:

    The Devil Wears Nada!

  3. Katie Kish says:

    (ps, I’m stealing this.)

  4. No, I don’t think your name is Olivia, though if I said your name really fast it might come out something like that. The trackback made me laugh so I came over to see what your answers were.

    The Devil Wears Nada also makes me giggle. When I first applied for a teaching job, the woman who hired me told me that I had a “middle school sense of humor.” I know she meant it as a compliment and it’s true that I made a much better middle school teacher than a high school one. The middle school kids found my corniness entertaining. The high school kids were way too cool for me. But the middle school sense of humor fits when it comes to sex jokes too.

  5. Lynet says:

    (ps, I’m stealing this.)

    What she said 🙂

  6. What I appreciate most about kitties is that they read your emotions so correctly.Then the precious ones always make you feelso wonderful:)Go Kitties!

  7. THE SHOES (@Theshoesmusic)

    My Name isn’t Olivia, but Still | Abstract Nonsense

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