Lindsay was Edwards’ First Choice

Lindsay has a great piece in Salon explaining how she was approached to be Edwards’ blogmaster, how she refused, and how she asked the staffer who approached her about all the issues that would later prove significant: her tone, the right-wing noise machine, her political views, her atheism, blogging while working for the campaign.

One Response to Lindsay was Edwards’ First Choice

  1. Somehow I suspected that such a thing has transpired. Lindsay is certainly one of those larger than life blogging personalities it appears Edwards’ was looking for. When I first heard of Amanda’s hiring, I found myself wondering first how any of the stuffy Washington people had even heard of Amanda, and then why they didn’t pick Lindsay. Lindsay is certainly far broader in her subject matter than Amanda is (not that that’s bad, Amanda is the go to blogger for smack downs of religio-homobigoted-misogynistic nutters.

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