Eternal Night

My book, Eternal Night, is finally edited in such a way that it’s readable. Before I send it to publishers, though, I’d like to run it by anyone here who’s willing to read it and comment on it. Please don’t post it publicly; I want to try publishing it on dead trees. If you think it’s bad, say so. Frankly, I think “You shouldn’t ever write fiction again” is more useful advice than “oh, it’s good” with no specifics.

As a reminder, the plot is about religious nationalism, defined loosely by Dominionism in the US, Islamism in the Islamic world, Hindutva in India, and so on. As Dominionists threaten to win the 2020 Presidential election in the US, in which case they’ll be able to pack the Court and roll bills through an obsequious Congress, the protagonist is drawn into large-scale conspiracies to keep them out of the White House.

This eventually becomes a political pissmatch between a secular liberal and multiple religious fundamentalists attacking him on various grounds… and at the same time, an Islamic superstate and a Catholic one are coalescing in the Middle East and Latin America respectively, and China and India are turning to naked aggression to fulfill their national ambitions.

Any takers?

16 Responses to Eternal Night

  1. SLC says:

    From Mr. Levys’ description, this sounds like a bubbe maisse of monumental proportions.

  2. Stentor says:

    but then you have to read my novel when it’s done, which is about rabbits and agricultural economics.

  3. Isn’t bubbe maisse Yiddish for “grandmother’s story” or something? I don’t get it, I’m slow.

    Or is SLC just trying to say it’s bad?

  4. SLC says:

    Re DiPietro

    Mr. DiPietro is literally correct. However, the implication is actually wider then the literal meaning. What it really refers to is a tall tale told by ones grandmother in the shetl in the old country. As to whether the book is good or bad, I have no idea and was in no way making a value judgment since obviously I haven’t read it. It was more a comment on the plot as Mr. Levy described it.

  5. muppt says:

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  6. Axel says:

    I guess a translation of your book will be more successful than Dan Brown’s “Angels & Demons” in Germany…

  7. Alon Levy says:

    Well, mine has no mysticism in it, for a start. There is no plot to use antimatter to blow up the world or anything like that. It’s a political plot, basically.

    Stentor, will it be okay if I just send it in a big .doc file?

  8. Matthias says:

    Can I have a .doc as well?

    Are there any aspects of the novel with which you’re particularly concerned – suspension of disbelief, characterization, plotting, prose? Where on the literature-polemic scale would you place it? What’s intolerable in one can be perfectly all right in the other, after all.

  9. muppt says:

    I type novels using pico.

  10. Phil Thrift says:

    I’ll bite (email link on my page).

    (BTW your blog was awarded a Thinking Blogger Award, which is what it is.)

  11. Stentor says:

    Stentor, will it be okay if I just send it in a big .doc file?

    Yup, that’s why I gave my Gmail address.

  12. Alon Levy says:

    Matthias, I’m concerned with all of those, but especially characterization, which Katie said was my weakest point in the previous draft. I’m aiming at as literary as possible, but I know I’m no Orwell; I’m guessing 50-50 is fairly realistic. The political events that require the most suspension of disbelief are the global ones; most of the smaller things have happened before.

  13. aggieben says:

    Alon, at the risk of making a promise I can’t keep (my to-read list grows faster than I can possibly keep up with), I’ll review your manuscript, if you’re still looking for eyeballs.

  14. Zoe says:

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