Carnival of Mathematics #3 is Up

The third Carnival is up on Michi’s Blog, complete with algebra, topology, and a lot of math teaching. There’s less computer science than before, but it simply makes me feel less stupid for not knowing Haskell. There’s even a HUHO-themed post that explains why payday loans are a bad idea.

Carnival of Mathematics #4 will be posted on EvolutionBlog on March 23rd. Send submissions to Jason Rosenhouse at rosenhjd at jmu dot edu or to me at or use the submission form (which surprisingly few people seem to do).

2 Responses to Carnival of Mathematics #3 is Up

  1. 1) The server is, alas, down since sometime last weekend. I have no idea why, and hope my fiancee can resolve it once she comes home tonight.
    2) I got the feeling that quite a lot of people were using the submission form, actually.

  2. Host is back up again.

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