Fight the RIAA

Gordo has an important post about how the mafia the RIAA is using the Copyright Royalty Board to put independent music stations out of business so that the only music available will be this produced by an RIAA record label. The CRB has adopted the RIAA’s suggested royalty levels, 0.08 cents per listener per song effective retroactively from 2006, which often works out to a higher number than a webcasting station’s total income. Worse, this figure is slated to rise sharply, reaching 0.19 by 2010.

Radio Paradise‘s Bill Goldsmith notes, “This royalty structure would wipe out an entire class of business: Small independent webcasters such as myself & my wife, who operate Radio Paradise. Our obligation under this rate structure would be equal to over 125% of our total income. There is no practical way for us to increase our  income so dramatically as to render that affordable.”

And Radio Paradise is perhaps the most-successful webcaster in its class!  For most operators, this rate looks as if it would be >150-200% of total revenues.

Save Net Radio is circulating an online petition to Congress to repeal this stifling nonsense. Make sure you sign it.

9 Responses to Fight the RIAA

  1. muppt says:

    play foriegn music and music produced by independent musicians, problem solved.

  2. *Points to Alon* DOOODY HEEEEEAD!

    I just won this thread, no questions asked.

  3. Alon Levy says:

    You’re just oppressing me because I’m a Jew, you wop.

  4. You’re just oppressing me because I’m a Jew, you wop.

    Typical Jew behavior; Jewing me out just for belittling his people.

  5. And it’s a shame too, because Jews and Italians can mutually help each other in many ways. Take shopping for instance: if Alon can’t find it wholesale, I can steal it.

  6. Alon Levy says:

    Or, you could function well as a legbreaker for the Conspiracy…

  7. Or, you could function well as a legbreaker for the Conspiracy…


    Any legislators givin’ Israel trouble? Me and Fonzy will, uh, head down there and ehh, straighten em’ out. Yeah, straighten em’ out! If yah know what I mean.

  8. muppt says:

    Zionists are usully fat

  9. SLC says:

    Re muppt

    Canadians are usually stupid.

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