Zionism and the Left

Three eons ago, I wrote something here about how both pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian politics originates in the left. On 3QD I expanded this to a full-blown article about how Zionism ceased to be considered left-wing, for reasons that have nothing to do with the Arab-Israeli conflict.

This is important insofar as it’s always important within the left to sort groups into oppressed and non-oppressed. This is also useful in segueing into the post I promise will come very soon about lived experience; part of the appeal of lived experience is that once a group has been determined to be oppressed, it gets to define its own experience in left-wing circles.

8 Responses to Zionism and the Left

  1. SLC says:

    Mr. Levys’ article on 3QD was an interesting analysis, if, as is usually the case with him, rather long winded. However, his reply to a comment was, I think, more to the point. The main reason why people like Noam Chomsky have been critical of the State of Israel has little to do with settlements or beastly behavior toward the Palestinians. It has to do with their attitude toward the United States, which they consider to be the foremost evil in the world. The United States is bad, the United States supports Israel, therefore Israel is bad. This attitude is a consequence of the Vietnam War which was strongly opposed by the left, particularly those on college campuses who were subject to the military draft (in the interest of full disclosure, I was one of those leftists). This despite the fact that one of the foremost critics of the US strategy in Vietnam was the late Moshe Dayan who, after a private visit there wrote several articles stating that, in his opinion, the war was a loser.

  2. SLC says:

    Here’s a couple of links that I am sure Mr. Levy will not find to his liking. In particular, the second one proves beyond any doubt that James Earl Carter is a f***ing lier.



  3. SLC says:

    Heres’ another link to Mr. Levys’ favorite columnist. I really like Caroline, she tells it like it is.


  4. Ran Halprin says:

    There’s no such thing as “pro-Palestinian” or “pro-Israeli”. There are only anti-Israelis and anti-Palestinians.

    If you think the rights of one side are important enough to abolish all rights of the other side (i.e. Palestinians should be deported from where they live or Israel should give up all the disputed lands immediately), you are obviously more anti then pro – you just want one side to give up everything.

    On the other hand, if you think a compromise should be found such that both side’s interests are met to a reasonable level, you are neither pro nor anti any side. The exact amount and types of compromises one side makes is irrelevant, because its obvious that if the equation isn’t balanced, one side will never agree to it, and then you are obviously anti them.

    Simple as that.

  5. Eli says:

    Well Folks, We have a problem…

    Research shows that a ‘nation’ by the Name of Israel was conquered by the Egyptians as is written on The Victory Stele of Merneptah:” The princes are prostrate saying: “Shalom!” Not one of the Nine Bows lifts his head: Tjehenu is vanquished, Khatti at peace, Canaan is captive with all woe. Ashkelon is conquered, Gezer seized,
    Yanoam made nonexistent; Israel is wasted, bare of seed, Khor is become a widow for Egypt. All who roamed have been subdued. By the King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Banere-meramun, Son of Re, Merneptah, Content with Maat, Given life like Re every day.”

    “Israel is Waste, Bare of Seed.” Says the Great Pharaoh of Egypt Merneptah in Year 5, 3rd month of summer, day 3, under the Majesty of Horus: Mighty Bull, Rejoicing in Maat; the King of Upper and Lower Egypt: Banere-meramun; the Son of Re: Merneptah, Content with Maat, magnified by the power, exalted by the strength of Horus; strong bull who smites the Nine Bows, whose name is given to eternity forever.

    Question: If Israel was defeated by Merneptah where did Israel originate in the Stele of Mesha? The King of Moab claims to have defeated Israel forever. On the timeline Omri. (885-874BCE?) is claimed to be around this period.

    Who was Omri?
    Omri was the Army Captain of Zimri, who was the Captain of Chariots under Elah son of Baasha who had no relationship to Nadab son of Jeroboam.
    Zimri murdered Elah and Baasha murdered Nadab.

    When Israel is waste bare of seed it means it has ceased to exist.
    What sort of people called itself Israel under Omri? Was Israel a nation or was Israel a people among the Nations?

    Which brings us to today’s Israel.
    Who is a Jew and Who or what exactly is Israel today?

    History shows us that after the Bar Kochba revolt only Rabbi Akiva survived. The Talmud tells us that with 6 of his fundamental students – all converts – Akiva revived the Jewish movement.
    The Jewish Scriptures were written between Rabbi Akiva and Judah Ha Nasi – as it turns out – all Names mentioned are not Israeli in nature but Converts to An Ideology called Judaism.
    Historically it shows as well that Tribal Israel always Opposed the Rabbinical Claim of the divinity of the Oral Transmissions.
    By Talmudic Halachal Rabbinism NONE of the Biblical Names qualify to be Jewish. Historically there were never any “Jews” at Mount Sinai and Moishe never gave any Torah to any Jew or anyone else for that matter.

    So folks there are fundamental falsehoods within Judaism that has cost the lives of many followers.
    The question is;”How many Inquisitions and Holocausts and Nazi movements must be born before the Rabbis have the backbone to admit the foundation is not Kosher!?”

    Judaism is a horrific cruel inhumane religion just as Christianity and Islam based on falsehoods insulting human dignity.

    We are told that Israel was placed back on the map as a homeland for the Jewish People. Yet, we observe that Christianity is more obsessed with the existence of Israel and Islam is beating the war drums.

    Am Israel is much capable of living just about anywhere – it is Am Ha’artz of Judah who produced the Jew during the Maccabeas that is obsessed with Eretz Israel ever since.

    The Question is: What or Who is a Jew? As a Religious movement how does the Claim on Eretz Israel has any historic merit? After all history shows us that the temple was nothing more than a sofisticated abbatoir where the Priest-Butcher/Cohen slaughtered the animals changing Genesis 1 into Genesis 2 where Animal sacrifices in the name of a god is now permitted.
    Big Business for the simple folks couldnt go anywhere but to the temple to get their meat preserved for the Winter.

    All is not well in the land Canaan which Joshua conquered.
    Who was Joshua… his name is Joshua Son of NUN – Who was NUN…and we are back to Egypt!

    Who or what is a Jew?

  6. I have to say, I could not agree with you in 100%, but that’s just my opinion, which indeed could be wrong.
    p.s. You have a very good template for your blog. Where did you find it?

  7. Kai says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your next write ups thanks once again.

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