In the last 38 hours, I’ve gotten 29 hits from Google on rape porn and 6 more on raped porn. And the porn/rape post of mine they all hit is only on Google’s second page on the former search phrase.

Sorry, people. I could produce rape porn for you if I a) had a girlfriend who was b) really into rape simulations and c) so enthusiastic about web exhibitionism that she’d d) make me consent to that, and if we had any idea how to e) simulate and f) film a rape scene.

P.S. Everyone who concludes based on the above paragraph that I’m a budding pornographer should look up the word “sarcasm” on Webster’s.

2 Responses to Weirdness

  1. Katie Kish says:

    Just image how much traffic you’d gain if you started posting free amateur porn. i can feel you considering it.

  2. gordo says:

    Alternatively, you could g) learn how to use photoshop and h) grab some photos of Katie from her flickr account.

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