One Big Happy Flamewar

I do my best not to pay attention to intra-radical flamewars, but when they spill over to more mainstream venues, they’re too frustrating to ignore. I’m not sure what spawned this round of thrashing, and I’m not sure I care. But so far, the following has happened:

– Someone – I’m not sure who – decided to troll Amanda Marcotte and call her a variety of stupid names. Then people who identify with the working class started using the word “bougie” against anyone who disagreed with them.

– Ann Bartow threatened to sue Zuzu for libel; Zuzu’s crime appears to be saying Bartow knows who she is, probably via non-public databases.

– Zuzu said she’s taking a break from the blogosphere.

6 Responses to One Big Happy Flamewar

  1. belledame222 says:

    Oh, for fuck’s sake, Alon…you know, i’ve had just about my fill of misrepresentation for the week. That is not what happened, and I never said I identified…oh, skip it. Just fucking skip it. Enough.

  2. Alon Levy says:

    I’m pretty sure there were other people who threw around the term “bougie.”

    And the “lightweight” accusation just makes no sense (I’m still not sure who made it, by the way).

  3. belledame222 says:

    I did.

    Look, I’m pleased that you’ve found kindred spirits; we’ve had our thrash, Amanda and I; i apologized; and as far as I’m concerned that’s the end of it. If she wants to carry on on her turf; that’s fine; if you want to express solidarity with whomever, that’s totally fine; i for part have done it with others here. just don’t expect a patient explanation from me; if you can’t read my mood by now, much less begin to fathom why I’m in it, i simply haven’t the energy to even try.

  4. Alon Levy says:

    I don’t want to express solidarity with anyone, except Zuzu, calling the outing threat against unfair would be an understatement. My observations in this post were more along the lines of “What the fuck?”

  5. Ahhh, Alon….if you actually managed to actually READ the freakin’ thread, you will find that only Belledame used the term “bougie”….and quickly retracted it in her apology.

    No one else who was critical of Ann Bartow or Amanda…not Zuzu, not Bitch | Lab, not even me….ever used that word.

    And in fact, when I did attempt in ONE POST to state to Amanda the original debate — Blackamazon’s and Brownfemipower’s original critique or the Burqagate incident — that she was attempting to avoid in all her crawfishing, I got nailed for derailment….which I accepted.

    But then again, being called “lightweight” is so much different than being called an “sanctimonious asswipe” and being threatened with being outed, isn’t it??

    Accountability is a two-way street, Alon…..don’t throw stones at others if your own glass house happens to be broken.


  6. Alon Levy says:

    But then again, being called “lightweight” is so much different than being called an “sanctimonious asswipe” and being threatened with being outed, isn’t it?

    Which part of “I don’t want to express solidarity with anyone, except Zuzu” do you not understand?

    And I have absolutely no problem with calling people lightweights. I called Ginmar an irrelevant lightweight once, and I stand behind what I said to her. The difference is that Ginmar really is a lightweight, whereas Amanda isn’t.

    It’s sort of like the difference between saying that Bush is a pathological liar, and finding a random politician you don’t like and saying that he’s a pathological liar.

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